Juan Dicent

Combining a lively satirical wit and an pitch-perfect ear for the inflections and nuances of the immigrants' spanglish, the short stories of Juan Dicent, dominican short story writer and poet and newyorker by residence, manage to elicit both rawness and tenderness in their portrayal of latin families building a new world, very much their own, in New York City. Both cultured and streetwise, Dicent's impeccable technique of indirectly illuminating emotions while still retaining a thoroughly fresh and inventive approach to story telling manages to pack quite an emotional wallop in stories just a few pages long, delivering a wildly innovative take on a culture previously portrayed by his compatriot Junot Díaz. The costarrican poet Luis Chaves commented regarding this collection: "[Dicent] transmits first-hand the pulse of all these people living like extras in a big production filmed relentlessly in the planet's most conspicuous city. For these extras it is Winterness all year long."

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