#DignidadLiteraria-The Story that Sells: A Conversation on Gatekeeping



This panel is intended to further the conversation initiated by the founding members of the #dignidadliteraria campaign, Myriam Gurba; David Bowles; and Roberto Lovato regarding Latinx representation, diversity and inclusion in publishing. As a follow-up to the initial conversation held early February, between the Founders of the DignidadLiteraria we want to ensure that the conversation continues and that we update our community of writers on what has transpired since #DignidadLiteraria’s initial conversation with the BIG FIVE.

Our intention with facilitating the panel discussion “The Story that Sells” is to learn what steps are being taken towards diversity and inclusion for Latino authors in publishing, how they can break-in, and what steps are being taken to ensure that Latinx voices continue to have a place and visibility in this industry.

Invited Panelist are:

  • Roberto Lovato- Journalist/the creator of the hashtag #DignidadLiteraria and co-founder of the #DignidadLiteraria movement
  • Myriam Gurba-Author/ #DignidadLiteraria and co-founder
  • David Bowles- Author/ #DignidadLiteraria and co-founder
  • Nadxieli Nieto- Editor in large at Flatiron
  • Annysa Polanco-  Associate Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Penguin Random house
  • Danny Vazquez- Assistant Editor at Macmillan Publishers Limited
  • Facilitated by Alicia Anabel Santos
Tuesday, June 16, 2020 - 7:00pm to 9:00pm
New York, NY 10032