The Broken Woman Diaries (Word Up)

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Violeta Orozco

Featuring a series of original illustrations by Perla Temoltzin and a foreword by Dr. Naomi Quiñónez.

Violeta Orozco's first book in English, The Broken Woman Diaries is a bold exploration of dismembered selves. Moving through a captivating mix of form, her prose and poetry carry together the sharp edge of a critical intelligence, while inviting the reader to begin an empowering process of making oneself whole through the work. We enter unsuspectingly, quickly rendered through language, only to be pieced back together by Orozco's daring sensibility. There is love, humor, rage, and resistance mounted in the pages, often gifted a generous amount of space to make room for a restless cadence. This is not the kind of poetry to tuck your children into bed, unless you want those kids to grow up and be more of themselves, richer in spirit and overflowing with life.

Violeta Orozco is a bilingual author and spoken word artist from Mexico City. She is the author of three poetry collections. The Broken Woman Diaries is her third book and her debut full-length poetry collection in English. She is also translator for Nueva York Poetry Review, translating Chicana and Latina poets into Spanish. Her work in English is published or forthcoming in magazines like Acentos Review, Harvard College's PALABRITAS and Bozalta journal. Currently she conducts research in Chicana poets and performers at University of Cincinnati, where she is pursuing a Ph.D. in Spanish Literature.

Perla Temoltzin is a talented painter and sculptor from Mexico City, graduated from the famous Esmeralda art school where Frida Kahlo studied. She draws her inspiration from prehispanic aesthetics like Códices and prehispanic iconography.

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