Diary of a Middle School Zombie: No Zombie Left Behind (Paperback)

Diary of a Middle School Zombie: No Zombie Left Behind By Zack Zombie Cover Image
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It's Like the Diary Kid Books, But Instead of Wimpy, or Dorky...He's a Zombie

**From Zack Zombie, the Maker Of the 3 Million Copy Best Seller - Diary of a Minecraft Zombie, Comes His First Non-Minecraft Book **

What Do You Get When a 12 Year Old Zombie Goes to Live With a Human Family? The Funniest, Rib-Tickling, Hilariously Funny Adventure

So, If You've Been Looking for the Next Funny Book Series for Your Boy or Girl Age 8-12 Years Old, This is it

**With Over 150 Pictures **

WARNING: This Book Will Cause Spontaneous Bursts of Uncontrollable Laughter Anywhere and Anytime. Not to Be Read in Quiet Places (Like the Library) or On the Toilet.

Meet 12 year old Zombie. For a long time he's been hoping that he could get adopted by a nice human family one day.

But when Zombie finally gets his wish, things quickly get out of control, and turn crazier, and funnier than everyone expects.

What will you get when a 12 year old zombie goes to live with a human family? All kinds of hysterically ridiculous adventures, that's what

Want to know what kind of trouble Zombie gets into?

Then Jump into This Hilarious Adventure Today

From book:

. . .But when you're a zombie, you have to get used to your body doing some weird things.

Like one of the zombie kids I know has a really weird belly button.

Actually, his belly button is a screw.

The other zombie kids always ask him why he has a screw for a belly button.

But he said that he really didn't know.

So one time, we decided to get a screwdriver.

And when we finally got the screw out, the weirdest thing happened.

. . .His butt fell off.

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Kids age 8-12 will Laugh Their Heads Off while reading This Zany Comic Adventure.

Perfect New Book Series to Bring the Gift of Laughter to Your 8-12 year old Son or Daughter

**Fully Illustrated with over 150 Pictures **

(A Non-Minecraft Book)

Parents: This book is a must-read for children who loves to laugh. Kids ages 8-12 can't wait to jump into to these adventures Great Books for Kids age 9-12, also perfect kids epic books for ages 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 and older. If you are looking for books for 8-12 year old boys and girls, these funny Zombie books are great to motivate your child to enjoy reading. Kids love books about zombies

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ISBN: 9781949216035
ISBN-10: 1949216039
Publisher: Star Ventures Inc. DBA Pixel Kid Publishing
Publication Date: June 8th, 2019
Pages: 226
Language: English