Wisdom for Kids: Book 1: The Purpose of Proverbs (Hardcover)

Wisdom for Kids: Book 1: The Purpose of Proverbs Cover Image
By T. L. Martínez, James Koenig (Illustrator), Marshal Uhls (Illustrator)
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Book 1: The Purpose of Proverbs

King Solomon's Marvelous Life Guide and the Importance of Wisdom

Have you ever met a SUPERHERO What if you could talk to a superhero anytime you wanted?

Captain Wisdom is so smart that she can help anyone - even a president or a king. Big or small, rich or poor, young or old, Captain Wisdom loves to lend a helping hand.

One of the most important lessons of Proverbs is learning to make good choices even when no one is watching. Captain Wisdom teaches some important lessons to kids and asks them to follow her on the Way of Wisdom.

"Hey, kids " she says, "Where are you headed? Don't you want to learn about wisdom and knowledge? I can help you live your life. I'll pour out my heart to you and make you wise "

If you are still asking yourself who Captain Wisdom is, she helps you know what to do with the knowledge that you have. You might know lots of smart things, but if you don't know what to do with that information then what good is it? Captain Wisdom helps you understand everyday life and teaches you how to act in all situations.

But later, we find out that Captain Wisdom gets disappointed when kids don't listen to her or follow the wrong crowd. Kind of like when your parents ask you to do something and instead you do the opposite thing. They might get a little angry with you at first, but more than angry, they are disappointed that you made a bad choice. So, Captain Wisdom warns you not to turn away from her advice or from God.

"But all who choose to listen to me, Captain Wisdom, will live in peace and safety, without the fear of being hurt. You can take it easy - you're in good hands."

Book One of the Wisdom for Kids series draws on the timeless wisdom of Solomon's sayings to remind kids of all ages who God made them to be and how to live their lives with Him on a day-to-day basis. The lessons found in Book One are enduring and are the key to understanding what it looks like to live a smart and intentionally good life.

The book of Proverbs was written by Solomon, King David's son. Solomon was once told by God that he could have anything he wanted, and guess what Solomon asked God for?

"When I was young, I asked God for wisdom, and He made me the wisest man that ever lived. I wrote this book as a manual for living a life of wisdom. This book will help you understand what life means and where it's going."

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