Radical Revolution of Values: Reclaiming Our Spiritual Heritage, Preserving Our Freedoms, and Countering Terrorism (Hardcover)

Radical Revolution of Values: Reclaiming Our Spiritual Heritage, Preserving Our Freedoms, and Countering Terrorism By Azam Saeed Cover Image
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"Even in the midst of today's global concerns, this book provides a sense of hope and future. A must-read for business executives who desire to be responsible citizens and leaders." -Idris T Vasi, Head of Nokia CNS - Asia-Pacific

"Finding sacredness in the other does not just create societal harmony, it may also be an essential milestone in the path to a more meaningful self-discovery..." -Radical Revolution of Values

In this thoroughly researched and hopeful examination inspired by Rev. Martin Luther King's call for "a radical revolution of values," the author guides readers through a worldly and spiritual voyage, taking a deep dive into the holy scriptures of various religions and their guiding light to move toward justice, peace, and global harmony.

Grounded in the principle that our religions can be a source of solutions towards the world's disputes, Azam delves into the emotionally charged and polarized identities that are too often used as tools of exploitation and control instead of empowerment and freedom.

This book inspires readers to ask intricate questions about the world around them by unraveling the complex web of geopolitics, politico-economic systems, and religion in international conflicts.

What People are Saying:

"Radical Revolution of Values is a scholarly book but its message of love, compassion, justice, and inclusion, which is much-needed today, is for all people." -Dr. Riffat Hassan, Professor Emerita, Islamic Theology, University of Louisville

"Azam Saeed has tackled big topics we all confront today in our divided culture: religious exploitation, tribalism, threats to our freedom, domestic terrorism. He skillfully dissects these and provides solutions in clear, easy-to-understand language." -Cynthia Parzych. Author and Book Publisher, Cynthia Parzych Publishing, Inc.

"An excellent resource for helping us understand the backstory to the major socio-political and religious issues of today." -Miriam Therese Winter, PhD, Medical Mission Sister, Professor Emerita, Hartford International University for Religion and Peace

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Publication Date: October 25th, 2022
Pages: 430
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