Cancer: Bitter Apricot Kernel in Tumor Therapy (Paperback)

Cancer: Bitter Apricot Kernel in Tumor Therapy By Helena Bennett Cover Image
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Unlock the power of Bitter Apricot Kernel (Amygdalin - Vitamin B17) You've heard the buzz about this incredible nutrient, but do you know what it is and how it works? My comprehensive guide will tell you all about Vitamin B17 and its natural history, as well as provide dosage information to get the most out of this essential vitamin. Read about your daily dose of Vitamin B17 today and experience the benefits for yourself Many people die from cancer every year. According to several studies, cancer is a disease that arises or is aggravated by the modern diet and the resulting lack of essential vitamins. This book about "Bitter Apricot Kernel (Amygdalin)", also called "Vitamin B17", is especially for you if you want to learn more about the effects, application and dosage of B17. "Amygdalin" is found in many foods but is primarily made from bitter apricot kernels. It contains a particular enzyme that can be successfully used in the fight against cancer cells. So if you want to learn more about this vitamin, this book will explain in detail how vitamin B17 works in the body, its natural occurrence, the various dosage forms, the history and the diverse uses in alternative medicine. This book is not a substitute for consulting a doctor, but it provides many details about vitamin B17 that you should know if you are looking for ways to prevent or stop cancer naturally. The following items have been added to this book: What is vitamin B17? Natural Occurrence The history The mode of action dosage forms Use in alternative medicine risks This book is for anyone who values a long, healthy life and is looking for alternative ways to maintain or improve it. "Amygdalin - Vitamin B17" can offer solutions that can change or positively influence your life or the life of someone close to you. So what are you waiting for? Purchase your copy TODAY.

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ISBN: 9781447814818
ISBN-10: 1447814819
Publication Date: March 2nd, 2023
Pages: 94
Language: English