Davis's Pa Exam Review: Focused Review for the Pance and Panre: Focused Review for the Pance and Panre (Paperback)

Davis's Pa Exam Review: Focused Review for the Pance and Panre: Focused Review for the Pance and Panre By Morton A. Diamond Cover Image
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Pass your PANCE and PANRE exams. Here's everything you need to pass your exam...hundreds of questions that mirror the format and structure of the actual certifying exams.

Divided into two sections, "Essentials" challenges your subject knowledge and critical-thinking with vignettes and multiple-answer questions, while "Performance," offers a simulated exam experience. "You Should Know" rationales provide quick explanations for every "Essentials" section question.

Looking for more practice questions? Check out Davis's PA Exam Review: Additional Practice Questions and Answers for Certification and Recertification. These texts are great on their own, but even better together. Purchase both books for a discounted price.

See what students and practicing PAs are saying online about the 2nd Edition...

Excellent Study Material "... thank goodness to this book... I was able to feel confident about answering practice questions, PANCE questions and even PASSED the PANCE with much room to spare. The advantage this book has over others is the vast amount of practices questions WITH, I repeat WITH explanations. The author cleverly molds your mind to think on the straight and narrow."--Cassie A.

Got me easily through the PANCE "Discovered this morning that I passed the PANCE This is the only textbook I bought. First half consists of questions that mostly all have multiple correct answers followed by in-depth explanations, just to help you get a good understanding of the material; second half is all one-answer questions in classic PANCE style. One thing I really liked was that each answer to Part 2 tells you exactly where to find the in-depth explanation in Part 1, which saves you a lot of time riffling through the pages going "where did I read about that again "--Amazon Reviewer

Great resource for PANRE "Switched to Davis and found this to be an excellent review book...Incidentally I did pass the PANRE, definitely looking forward to 10-year cycle. Hope this helps."--N.K. Scott

A must have "Honestly the best study resource for the PANCE. It was recommended to me by another PA and I'm so happy she did. If you could only buy one book I would make sure it's this. You will not be disappointed."--Courtney

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ISBN: 9780803668096
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Publisher: F. A. Davis Company
Publication Date: July 9th, 2018
Pages: 592
Language: English