Naval Engineering: The Principles of Fire Protection (Paperback)

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Naval Engineering: The Principles of Fire Protection is a technical publication for professional fire protection engineers, fire safety engineers, and firefighters to gain an understanding of fire protection applications used on board U.S. Navy vessels. An emphasis has been placed on helping the reader to acquire an overall view of naval fire protection engineering. The reader will learn about the roles and responsibilities the Naval Fire Protection Engineer (Damage Controlman) plays in a ship's mission and its survivability. Common principles of fire dynamics, extinguishing agents and methods, various fire protection systems and equipment are highlighted, and the principal components of all fire protection systems and their construction are identified and described. This book will enable the reader to increase professional knowledge of the Aqueous Film-Forming Foam (AFFF), Halon, Heptafluoropropane (HFP), Carbon Dioxide flooding, water mist, and other miscellaneous systems on board U.S. Navy ships.

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ISBN: 9780578441627
ISBN-10: 0578441624
Publisher: 3 Pillars Publishing
Publication Date: June 28th, 2019
Pages: 308
Language: English