In the Name of Salome (Paperback)

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"The story of my life starts with the story of my country... ." Thus begins Julia Alvarez's epic fictional account of the real-life SalomE UreNa-the "Emily Dickinson of the Dominican Republic." Born in the 1850s, in a time of intense political repression and turmoil, SalomE's fervent patriotic poems turned her-at seventeen-into a national icon. In the Name of SalomE is equally the story of SalomE's daughter, Camila, who grows up in exile, in the shadow of her mother's legend. Shy and self-effacing, Camila's life is in stark contrast to SalomE's. While her mother dedicated her brief life to educating Dominican girls to serve their struggling new nation, Camila spent her career explaining the Spanish pluperfect to upper-class American girls. But when, at age sixty-six, Camila makes a decision to leave her comfortable life behind and join Castro's revolution in Cuba, she begins a journey to make peace with her past-and bring the lives of two remarkable women full circle.
Spanning more than a century, In the Name of SalomE proves Alvarez equally adept at capturing the sweep of history and the most intimate details of women's lives and hearts. It is Alvarez's richest and most inspiring novel to date.
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ISBN: 9780452282438
ISBN-10: 0452282438
Publisher: Plume Books
Publication Date: June 1st, 2001
Pages: 357
Language: English