Uptown Stories Anthology Volume 22: Summer/Fall 2021

Uptown Stories

At Uptown Stories, we believe that writing is an essential tool for self-expression, critical thinking, and academic success.

Based in upper Manhattan, we offer small-group writing workshops for children ages eight to eighteen, led by master teachers and professional authors. To ensure our workshops are accessible to all children, tuition is pay-what-you-can.

Whether your child is a struggling writer or an aspiring novelist, Uptown Stories creates an exciting, challenging, and supportive community in which your young author thrives.

These are the stories from our Summer and Fall 2021 semesters.

Featuring the work of:
Evelyn Aguilar-De Los Santos
Abigail Aguilar-De Los Santos
Hazel Algeri
Rachelle Baran
Shiloh Bellot
Citlali Benitez
Meztli Benitez
Violet Bennion
Nora Berge
Foley Bondoc
Nuala Bradley
Oonagh Bradley
Milo Burke
Yaceline Cuevas
Carter Anthony Dass
Raya Diamond
Alessandra DiGiacomo
Juneli Elias
Maggie Fitelson
Mars Fulson
Meirav Greenkar
Gideon Gross
Anna Gurevich
Joseph Hillyard
Chiara Hodge
Susannah Hurlbut-Noonan
Esha Iftikhar
Madeline Johnson
Nina Jones
Grace Katsivelos
Damian Kellendonk
Xanthe Kitses
Eloise Krekeler
Cat Langmuir
Luc LeCroy
Vivian Littlefield
Cruz Longno
Nia Longson
Zalyair Mackey
Yvene Mackey
Alice Malyukova
Zoe Markoe
Michael Martell
Noah Meserve
Elias Mesina
Kayla Miller
Namika Miyai
Evan Norat
Koko Onuma
Ethan Park
Emma Perez
Emma Perez Maturen
Vaylyn Peterson
Violet Pickar
Maisie Pickar
Sophia Quiroga
Sofia Radunsky
Tahel Rasouly
Leo Rempe-Hiam
Lia Rosales
Leo Ross
Ian Sable
Depa Saha
Sophia Sanikidze
Elias Stein
Lily Sweet
Isabella Talamantes
Gonzalo Toledo
Izzy Waters
Tappan Wearn
Rio Wyszniewski

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Uptown Stories
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