Kiara Moves to a New Neighborhood / Kiara se muda a un barrio nuevo (Paperback) (Word Up)

Kianny N. Antigua
About The Author: 
Kianny N. Antigua specializes in writing bilingual children’s literature based on her experiences as a young Dominican girl. Faced with a series of dead-end jobs as a teenager, Kianny made the decision to go to school and get an education so that she can pursue her life goals. Her book Greña / Crazy Hair won first place in the Most Inspirational Children’s Picture Book category of the Latino Book Awards in 2018.

Kiara Moves to a New Neighborhood is the lates book on the Kiara series by Kianny Antigua. When Kiara’s family has to move for her mother’s new job, Kiara is confused and scared. She must leave her house with a yard and live in an apartment building in a big city. She must attend a new school and make new friends. Dealing with big changes can be difficult, but Kiara learns they also present exciting new opportunities and adventures. The bilingual element of this story enhances Spanish language learning and cultural appreciation.

Grades 1-5 | Fiction | English & Spanish


  • Displays strong cultural and social identities
  • Promotes perseverance in face of change
  • Demonstrates curiosity and open-mindedness
  • Presents appreciation of diversity

Key features:

  • Depth of Knowledge questions and standards-aligned activities for the classroom
  • Bilingual pages enhance language skills and build vocabulary, improve a child’s capacity to learn in both languages
  • Facilitates the acquisition of additional languages and highlight other cultures
  • A portion of the book’s proceeds will go to Alegría Gri Gri Foundation, a non-profit organization that aids the people of Río San Juan and the Dominican Republic.
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