A Kiss to the Land (Paperback) (Word Up)

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Denize Lauture, Greg Fuchs (Editor)

Poetry. African & African American Studies. Creole. Haitian Studies. Poems selected and introduced by Antonino D'Ambrosio. Invoking the dreams of his Haitian ancestors, who now haunt his memories, Denize Lauture's poetry is imbued with a sense of never forgetting, reminding us all that the story of enduring must continue to be written, spoken, and dreamt. Writing and performing in Creole, French, and English, it's impossible to turn away from Lauture's moving and delightful poetry, which reverberates with all that he has experienced. At once a meaningful protest through the medium of words and sounds as well as a celebration of bearing witness, Lauture's poetry retains an indefatigable spirit. There is something in Lauture's work that emanates a quiet insurgency. It may come from his country's history. Haiti defeated not one but three European powers--Britain, France, and Spain--on its way to securing independence after a successful slaves revolt. Lauture's life's work ensures that history doesn't evaporate into the mist sprayed by those who want to tell a different story, one made unreal by spectacle and corrupted by the complicity of silence. We should read, see, and listen to Lauture who knows it's the poet that shows us that it's not about if we can but that we must --and will--prevail.

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