Uptown Stories Anthology Volume 9: Spring 2018

Uptown Stories

At Uptown Stories, we believe that writing is an essential tool for self-expression, critical thinking, and academic success.Based in upper Manhattan, we offer small-group writing workshops for children ages eight to fifteen, led by master teachers and professional authors. To ensure our workshops are accessible to all children, tuition is pay-what-you-can. Whether your child is a struggling writer or an aspiring novelist, Uptown Stories creates an exciting, challenging, and supportive community in which your young author thrives. These are the stories from our Spring 2018 semester.

Featuring the work of:
Diego Benitez
Anna Bomwell
Cora Bomwell
Foley Bondoc
Juliet Burke
Kayla Castillo
Nina Crowe
Deanna Cuadra
Olivia Davis
Vincent Druhora
Nash Flammang
Gabriela Franqui
Alexander Frye Yanos
Javier Gushue
Graydon Hanson
Dylan Hardy
Joseph Hillyard
Steven Howard
Susannah Hurlbut-Noonan
Sophie Hurtado
Nikolas Jasinowski
Otis Jennings-Graham
Eddie Kim
Django Kinkle
Dylan Lopez
Yvene Mackey
Zalyair Mackey
Zoe Markoe
Matthew Marsh
Mike Martell
Katherine McCluskey
Chris Mejia
Nadia Mitic
Tara Mladenovic
Daniel Monterrosas
Maxwell Myers
Camila Noboa
Eva Nunez
Kenia Nunez
Sarai Nunez
David Nunez
Sofia O'Malley
Daniel Ortega-Venni
Ethan Park
Sofia Perez
Vaylyn Peterson
Keela Ruizanchez
Gila Sabban
Keter Samet
Jordana Santos
Doran Sheftall
Ayelet Shoval
Lucy Spooner
Elias Stein
Gerald Tavarez
Ismael Taveras
Bruno Wrolstad
Lucy Zener

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Uptown Stories
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