Local Author Bundle

Felipe Galindo Feggo, Michael Tencer, B. Rogers/street refugee

This bundle includes Taking Liberties (Paperback), Affirmisms, Surviving the 2020s: User Manual (Paperback), Neighborhood Post Cards and Word Up Buttons.



Taking Liberties (Paperback)

Renowned cartoonist Feggo, whose work has appeared in the New Yorker and numerous international publications, presents witty and engaged images inspired by the Statue of Liberty. It is an homage to the iconic symbol and a celebration of all it has come to represent from the perspective of an artist who came from Mexico to live and work in New York. Feggo's delightful illustrations cleverly place Lady Liberty in a series of imaginative scenes, and spark commentaries in both English and Spanish on issues such as social justice, immigration, and American life.

82 pages



Pearls of wisdom from wrong life

You never have to worry about sinking to a new low if you start off at the bottom. A sequence of stupid aphorisms, jokes, and terrible advice might seem like a bad idea in such pre-apocalyptic times, yet aren’t bad ideas just good ideas for bad people?

There’s hardly a better moment for short, sharp raps on the funnybone, and to exercise your mind through the very least effort you can muster. But there’s nothing less funny than explaining a joke, so why not just forget I said anything, and let’s hear some testimonials:

“I do like the ones that I get.” — Carole Liantonio

“. . . there are some choice morsels in there!” — J.H. Prynne, apocryphally

“Affirmisms? That sounds like you.” — Emmanuel Abreu

“I can’t make heads or tails of it.” — the author’s eight-year-old niece

Featuring eyepopping risograph printing on rag and elephant dung paper, and a thrown-in lobster bib, so you don’t get any onya. Sized small to make you feel bigger, and going for the low-low price of 10 bucks. It doesn’t even smell!

96 pages


Surviving the 2020s: User Manual (Paperback)

In collaboration with artist, designer, and hood prophet B. Rogers (aka street refugee), Surviving the 2020s is an instruction manual for the end of times. Filled with diagrams and sage advice, this book is a must have in any emergency grab bag, a guide for civilians and dissidents alike to (hopefully) survive the upcoming decade.

61 Pages

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